October 26, 2021


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A Guide on How to Pair an Engagement Ring & a Wedding Band

How to Pair Your Vintage Engagement Ring with a Wedding Band – Trumpet &  Horn

Buying an engagement ring and a wedding band for your significant other is a big step that signifies that you are ready to take the next step in your relationship and spend the rest of your life with the love of your life which is why finding a quality diamond that goes with the engagement ring that you imagine your partner wearing with the wedding band you both have in mind is incredibly important because that would be a sign of your commitment to them. Here is a guide on how to pair an engagement ring and a wedding band to help you construct you and your partner’s ideal engagement and wedding ring.

Ways to Pair a Wedding Band With Every Type of Engagement Ring

  1. Wearing them on your ring finger with the wedding band on top

The first option, and something most people actually do, is that you could wear both rings on your left ring finger in the order that you received them. This would mean that the diamond engagement ring would stay at the bottom, and the wedding band would then be placed on top of it. This is the traditional way of wearing both your rings, but this would depend on all the ring styles and your finger type.

  1. Wear your engagement ring on one ring finger and the wedding band on the other

This is a less traditional way to wear your rings, where you place the engagement ring in one ring finger in your right hand, while your wedding band goes to the ring finger in your left hand. This is a good technique for those who have short fingers, and to those people who don’t like having too many rings in one finger. Some couples also don’t have matching sets so the wedding band may or may not look good with the engagement ring.

  1. Wearing them on your ring finger with the engagement ring on top

Another traditional way, you could wear both on your left ring finger, but this time with the engagement ring on top. This could be because it’s more comfortable this way since there are times where we have to take our engagement rings off to make sure they don’t get lost, or simply because it would look better. Some people do this because they feel like wearing the wedding band on the bottom keeps it closer to their heart.

  1. Alternate between rings

Most people choose not to wear both at the same time, dispute it being intended to be worn at the same time. One reason as to why they would possibly do this is because the one ring is very expensive and it is usually only worn during special occasions. Another reason could be that because two rings are just too much and prefer wearing one at a time because it would look simpler.

  1. Wearing your engagement ring on your left hand’s ring finger, and your wedding band on whichever finger

Most people who wear their engagement ring stick to tradition and place it on their left ring finger, and promise rings are usually placed on the right ring finger. Wedding bands, on the other hand, could be worn on whichever finger. 

Tips for Matching A Wedding Band to an Engagement Ring

  1. Try on lots of types of rings

Before you even set your mind on one certain wedding band, you should try on lots of types of wedding bands with your engagement ring to get a feel for what you may or may not like.

  1. Keep an open mind

If your engagement ring is elaborate, a plain band may be perfect for it, despite it not seeming like your style. Before you turn a certain style of wedding band down, you need to see them alongside you own engagement ring and see them on your finger before you could judge it.

  1. Consider returning to the jeweller who made it

You could consider going back to the jeweller your partner got your engagement ring from if you are happy with your engagement ring so that you could view their wedding band collection because they may already have a band ready that was specifically designed to fit alongside your engagement ring.

  1. Match the look

Matching the width of your band to the width of the band on your engagement ring is a general rule that a lot of people follow. They pair a thin wedding band with a thin engagement ring band, chunky with chunky, and the like. If you prefer a neater and more uniform look, then this would be a great way to go.

  1. Stick with the same metal color

Another option that you could consider is keeping the metal uniform across your wedding band and engagement ring, unless you and your partner want to make a really bold statement. Pair yellow gold with yellow gold, platinum with platinum, and the like. 

You could make substitutes if budget is one of your concerns, like pairing sterling silver or palladium with white gold. It’s never too late to upgrade your wedding band or engagement ring, so you could always just upgrade it any time if you would like.
There are a lot to think about when you are buying an engagement ring and a wedding band for you and your partner, like will you get an engagement ring that fits inside the wedding band? Or a wedding band that fits around the engagement ring? Are you going with a theme or will they have their own characteristics? This is a discussion you and your partner both have so you both would be on the same page, and you won’t buy something that your partner wouldn’t end up liking.