July 7, 2022


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Why Choose Travel Nursing Jobs in South Carolina?

Why Choose Travel Nursing Jobs in South Carolina?

Why Choose Travel Nursing Jobs in South Carolina?

Travel nurse jobs are in demand right now that’s why more and more nurses are getting motivated to leave their residences and work as  travel nurses. Getting travel nursing jobs in South Carolina can make it possible for nurses to explore the blue ridge mountains and Myrtle Beach. Why choose travel nursing jobs in South Carolina? Let’s check the facts about the place. 

How Much Do Travel Nurses Make In South Carolina?

Pay for travel nurses are higher than regular nurses , in South California the average hourly pay is $33.27. Pay can be higher depending on the specialization of nurses, that’s why more nurses prefer to gain more experience and upgrade their skills to be able to maximize their travel nurse jobs. Years of experience can also get a higher pay for travel nurses.  Overtime pay is also higher than the regular hours, travel nurses usually have to extend their hours. Apart from the basic salary travel nurses can also reap other benefits like:

Free housing 

Rental payments can add up to the cost of living for people who work in other places, however for travel nurses accommodation is provided, so they can feel at home while working away from their residences. Homesickness is one of the issues nurses face when they work away from home. Having a comfortable place to stay near their workplace makes them feel better. 

Referral Bonuses

This can be another solution not to g=feel alone when you plan to be assigned in South Carolina as a travel nurse. You can actually refer a friend who is qualified to become a travel nurse and pick the same designation if it’s available. You will have a companion and won’t feel away from home plus get a referral bonus for each nurse you recommend to the travel nurse agency. 

Health and Life Insurance

Insurance is important for nurses since they are more exposed  to risk. For travel, nurse insurance is mandatory on each destination, and they may not get it for free, but they are given discounts and offered the best suitable insurance they need. 

What Is The Highest Paying Travel Nurse Jobs In South Carolina?

Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) has the highest wage which is $81.47 per hour as basic pay. These types of nurses are responsible for administering anesthetics to postoperative procedures. Several years of experience   needed plus certifications on training is needed before a nurse can be a certified registered nurse anesthetist. Their duty requires flexibility, ability to multitask and can work under pressure that’s why they deserve that kind of pay. 

What Is The Most In Demand Nursing Specialty?

Most nurses who can handle intensive care responsibilities and emergency situations are the ones who are in demand nowadays.Due to the pandemic season the number of patients who need immediate care and intensive care are increasing. So nurses who can assist them are also increasing in demand. 

What to See and Do in South Carolina?

As a travel nurse you will have the opportunity to explore South Carolina during your free time. If you are a foodie you will love visiting their restaurants and trying new dishes since Charleston is known as the capital of culinary where top chefs have started their careers. You can also take a dip or water fun activities on the weekend at Folly Beach! And if you want serenity you can go by the Riverplace to appreciate work of local artists alongside  Reedy river. 

You can learn more about South Carolina if you have the opportunity to work as a travel nurse here, so better earn more experience and be qualified as a travel nurse or  if you are already qualified then feel free to contact your travel nurse agency and discuss with them how to be assigned in South Carolina. 

There are a lot of reasons to answer the question: why choose travel nursing jobs in South Carolina? South Carolina is a great place to explore and be assigned to, you can grow your career as well as learn the culture of South Carolina. Growing professionally and personally at the same time is a good opportunity for a nurse like you. Be a travel nurse now!